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Vampire: The Eternal Struggle - Legacies of Blood Starter Deck: Osebo *Sjælden*

Vampire: The Eternal Struggle is an exciting trading card game based on White Wolf's storytelling game Vampire: The Masquerade. You assume the role of an ancient vampire, as you struggle against the other ancients in a great and secret war that has been waged since the earliest nights of human history.

Bloodlines return as New Ones Emerge.

Distinct from the major clans, rare lineages of Kindred also play their part in the great Jyhad. The known vampiric Bloodlines return to the eternal struggle, plus all-new legacies of blood emerge from the Dark Continent of Africa! Vampire: The Eternal Struggle is again exploring the more exotic lineages of Caine's blood.

This box contains a ready-to-play deck of 89 cards, a rulebook, and a reference card. Each player needs a deck to play.

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