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Star Wars: Rebel Aces Expansion - X-Wing Miniatures Game - (Fantasy Flight Games) *Sjælden*

Forventet release sommer/efterår 2014.

Rebel Aces features one A-wing and one B-wing miniature, both of which come with alternate paint schemes. You’ll also find four highly skilled unique, new pilots; thirteen upgrade cards; maneuver dials; and all the tokens necessary to launch these starfighters into the thickest action of your space battles against the evil Galactic Empire. It also includes a new mission, which thrusts some of the Rebellion’s finest pilots into a desperate rescue effort that highlights the B-wing’s durability and the A-wing’s agility.

Heroic New Paint Schemes

Fly with the best! The alternate paint schemes on the starfighter miniatures from the Rebel Aces Expansion Pack allow you to battle for the Rebellion’s cause while representing the heroic efforts of the pilots who first flew its A-wings and B-wings as experimental prototypes.

Only ace pilots were granted the right to fly prototypes for the Rebel fleet. Piloting the agile A-wing required tremendous focus and lightning fast reflexes. Still, by helping the Rebel Alliance develop and improve upon its original designs, their efforts benefitted everyone dedicated to the cause of galactic freedom, and the A-wing ultimately proved its worth during the Battle of Endor by helping to cripple Star Destroyers.

To honor those prototype pilots who first flew the ship, the A-wing in Rebel Aces features the paint scheme depicted on the Prototype Pilot ship card, with a bold blue central stripe and red and yellow highlights.

Meanwhile, with its heavy weapons array and resilient shielding, the B-wing quickly established itself as one of the Rebellion’s most formidable assault fighters. The fighter’s unique gyrostabilization system ensured that its cockpit always remained stationary during flight, better enabling its pilot to coordinate complex flight and attack maneuvers. However, its rotating cockpit and complex Fabritech ANv-9q sensor system could only be mastered by seasoned veterans, and it took the Rebellion longer than it had initially anticipated to qualify pilots who could fly the ship in battle.

The pilots of Dagger Squadron were the first to be equipped with the B-wing in its experimental stages, and they were the first to be activated and sent into battle with the starfighter. Accordingly, Rebel Aces features a B-wing painted white with red highlights to match Dagger Squadron’s color scheme.

Both the A-wing and B-wing included in Rebel Aces share the same 1/270 scale sculpt as the miniatures found in the A-Wing Expansion Pack and B-Wing Expansion Pack, respectively.

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