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Short Order Hero - Card Game

Short Order Hero is a devious, cut throat, challenge for friends wanting to flex their master culinary chops. The story behind the game is that you are one of five short order cooks working in a greasy diner. The owner of the diner tells the crew that at the end of the night he can can only keep one cook. You are working your rump roast off serving up the best you can, but your competition is doing their best to sabotage you. Can you win out and secure the job?

Find out if YOU can become the Short Order Hero!

Game Play:
Win the game by competing against other players to be the best short order cook. The Short Order Hero wins the game by scoring the most Recipe points at the end of the game.

Five recipes have been ordered, the tickets are available for each player/cook to make. Each cook is dealt 7 Ingredient cards. Cooks in turn, lay down all of the required ingredients, thus making the recipe. In addition a cook can add spices and seasonings to their food to make it better, OR add hairs and cockroaches to their opponent's made recipes to make their food worse.

Cooks can play as many cards from their hand as they wish, but their turn ends once they draw a card from the Ingredients deck.

Each recipe is worth different point values, the added ingredients can either increase or decrease the total point value.

The cook with the highest total recipe value from all their made food is the Short Order Hero!

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