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IPA: The Agents (Dansk produceret Sci-Fi Brætspil!) *Udsalg, få tilbage*

IPA - The Agents is a tactical strategy game that takes place in a near future. You take on the roll as one of the agents of "the agency", who fight other agents in an attempt to find rare objects to his/her employer.
 Among many other things the game includes 200 playing cards of which 145 are distinctly different. These cards are both used as items for battle and they are also the currency of the game. The currency is spend on buying equipment that can be placed physically on the gameboard or for buying temporary boosts for your agent. All cards are valuable in one way or another and you must wisely choose how to use them. This gives an economic aspect to the game as the numbers of cards at your disposal is limited.

There are small roleplaying elements in the game that make sure that you cannot use a especially powerful card early in the game. This mechanic is made to reduce the agony of an unbalanced game.
 To strengthen the replay value of the game, the obstacles (walls) of the game are placed on the gameboard before the game starts. This is incorporated into the game as a strategic element which makes sure that the gameboard looks different every time you play.

There are many different alternative rules that among other things varies the luck factor of the game. Gamers have different needs when it comes to the luck factor. Now they have the opportunity to adjust the luck factor so it meets with their needs.

We have experimented with a new kind of artform. Every picture is a unique hand painted painting made by a Danish artist.
 There are many tutorials on our website and we try to make tutorials on request from our fans, if we find a need for it.

The game may look complex, but most players get into the mechanics/dynamics quickly. When we attended the boardgame fair at Essen 2013, we saw that most players had understood and gotten into the mechanics after only 5-6 turns into the game.

We are in the Beta phase of a new game mode called "Vampiric Elite", which "kills" the player-elimination" part of the game. All players stay in the game until it ends dealing with "Player Elimination" that some people do not like. Instead the winner is found by a unique point system that awards being a good tactician. You must be able to deal the most damage possible while staying aloof of enemy attacks. The whole point system is monitored by the agents' life.
 In this game mode it is possible for up to 8 players to participate.

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