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Goblins can be found in every corner of Mantica. They are a persistent nuisance, and sometimes a genuine threat, to all other creatures. Goblins are even more numerous than their Orcish cousins. For the most part, they are subservient to the larger Orcs, employed in every role in society that Orcs are too lazy to fill themselves (meaning most of them). They are deployed in war by their masters to wear down an enemy with sheer weight of numbers before the Orcs move in for the kill.

En sværm af små grønlige kroppe fylder kamppladsen, ledsaget af skrig og hyl - goblinerne er ankommet! Hver for sig er en goblin ingen trussel, og de optræder ofte som tjenere til deres stærkere artsfæller, orkerne, men deres hære kan til gengæld vokse hurtigt, og de overvælder deres fjender med enorme regimenter for at besejre dem og plyndre deres skinnende ting!
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