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!Yu-Gi-Oh! Booster Pakke Battle Pack: Epic Dawn (Chance for Tour Guide of the Underworld) *Sjælden*

Yu-Gi-Oh! Sealed! På en helt ny måde

Efter mange år med Draft og Sealed med almindelige pakker, kommer der nu en pakke specifikt designed til at spille Sealed med!

Hver pakke indeholder 1 Rare, 3 Common og 1 Specielt starfoil kort!
Rare kortene bliver kortene der gør forskellen! De allermægtigste Spells, Traps og Monstre.
Der er 3 forskellige common kort i hver pakke, hver med et specifikt formål
1 Common kort er et Stærkt monster der skal bruges til at tæve modstanderen med!
1 Common kort er et lavt angrebs monster med magtfulde effekter til at ændre spillet!
1 Common kort er oftest Spells eller Traps der enten fjerner et af modstanderens kort eller på anden vis ændrer kampen!
Det sidste Specielle kort er det rigtige wild card, da det kan være et hvilken som helst af de 220 kort der er i serien!

Battle Pack: Epic Dawn sættet indeholder 220 kort:
55 Rare Kort
165 Common Kort
(Plus, alle 220 kort kan også fåes som starfoil kort!)

Hvis du køber et helt Display (36 pakker) har du nok til dig og tre af dine venner kan spille en sealed! En sealed kræver at hver spiller åbner 9 boosters og laver et deck på 20 kort - hvorefter man spiller imod hinanden.

Køb dem nu, og spil Yu-Gi-Oh! På en helt ny måde.

After a Decade of Duels, enough monsters, spells, and traps have finally been created to make the greatest Dueling test ever.

Battle Pack: Epic Dawn is the first Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG booster set designed specifically for the ultimate challenge of your skills and abilities: sealed pack play.

What is Sealed Pack Play?

Sealed pack play is how you take booster packs, and make them into a game unto themselves.

Just get together with your friends (or rivals!) and split up an even number of packs. Open your packs, make brand new Decks just from those cards you got, and start Dueling!

Everyone starts off clean. The only thing that matters is what you can do with the cards you have.

Of course, after you’re done playing, you’re still left with the cards from your packs. So you can walk away with some awesome cards for your regular Deck and collection, like Adreus, Keeper of Armageddon, Tour Guide From the Underworld, Fabled Raven, Doomcaliber Knight, Forbidden Lance, and two new cards: Gem-Knight Pearl and Backup Warrior. Think of sealed pack play as a way to open up booster packs like you always do, and get a ton of bonus fun while you’re at it! With 220 cards in Battle Pack: Epic Dawn, no two Dueling experiences will ever be the same.

Sealed pack ideas:

  • Get 3 friends and split 1 box of Battle Pack: Epic Dawn (that’s 9 packs each). Construct your Decks and fight it out round-robin style. The Duelist with the most wins at the end of the day is the winner!
  • Keep it going by making an internal league with your friends. Each time you get together, split up some more Battle Packs and add the cards you get to your league card pool. Everyone agrees beforehand to ONLY use the cards from their league Battle Packs. But you can change up your Deck from day to day, as long as you stick to using just those cards.
  • Besides Dueling with your friends, there can be special Battle Pack sealed pack events at local stores and major competitions. Dueling sealed style with your friends is the best way to practice and sharpen your skills for sealed pack competition!


Engineering the Perfect Pack

Duelists have enjoyed sealed pack play for years, using normal booster packs. What makes Battle Packs so different is that they’re the first set specifically designed for sealed pack play.

Harken back to a time when a single Summon or a well-timed Trap Card could decide the course of a Duel. Without the mass summoning and mass destruction tricks that players rely on in normal duels, you will have to hone your tactical skills to a razor-sharp point.

Each Battle Pack contains 5 carefully selected cards:

  • One Rare Card

, with a special glossy black or glossy white card name (similar to Duelist League colored card names). These Rare Cards are your game-changers, the cards that can turn a Duel around the moment they hit the table. Your most powerful Spells, Traps, and Monsters (including Xyz Monsters) will be from these cards.

Three commons, each designed to do something different:

  • One will be a high-ATK monster, to bust some heads.
  • Another will be a low-ATK monster that’s in there for its powerful effects.
  • Finally, you’ll get a third common (usually a Spell or Trap) that will either take out an opponent’s card, or change the course of battle.
  • The fifth card in your pack is the real wild card, because it could be any of the 220 cards in the set! It’s also guaranteed to be a shiny, sparkly card like you’ve never seen before – a brand new style of special cards!


These special cards included in Battle Packs have a sparkling, shiny pattern on top of the card, a brand new type of shine that you haven’t seen before, and it’s out of this world!

The 5th card in every pack (the wild card) is always one of these special cards. And every card in this 220-card set is available as a starfoil card. That means you can get sparkly versions of anything in the set, like Gorz the Emissary of Darkness, Pot of Avarice, or Monarchs like Caius, Raiza, and Mobius!

So, are you up to the challenge? Because Battle Packs are a whole new way to play.

Each Battle Pack: Epic Dawn pack contains 5 cards:
1 Rare Card (with glossy white or glossy black title)
1 starfoil card
3 Common Cards

The Battle Pack: Epic Dawn set contains 220 cards:
55 Rare Cards
165 Common Cards
(Plus, all 220 cards are also available as starfoil cards)

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