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!World of Warcraft Class Starter Deck Spring 2013 - Alliance: Worgen Warlock (Chance for Loot Kort) *Sjælden*

World of Warcraft Class Starter Deck - Perfekt til nye spillere eller spillere der gerne vil prøve andre classes i spillet! Kortene er lovlige i Core formatet!- Inkl. 1 boosters og chance for loot i selve decket!

Decket her indeholder:

Pierson Vale, Keeper of Secrets 1
Drain Essence 3
Dread Touch 2
Life Tap 2
Siphon Life 1
Soul Trap 2
Steal Essence 3
Cerwyn 2
Corvus Promaethon 2
Dagin Bootzap 3
Gerrunge the Sadist 1
Gully Rustinax 3
Warden Tonarin 3
Jeniva Prescott 3
Kallipssa 2
Liba Wobblebonk 3
Maazhum 3
Marundal the Kindred 1
Parvink 3
Tomadae the Magnificent 3
Archival Purposes 3
Entrenched 3
Escape from Durnholde 3
The Essence of Enmity 3
The Vainglorious 3

Pick a faction, pick a class, and then head into battle! The 2013 Class Starter Decks continue to improve on the idea of picking the faction and class that best suits you. Fancy yourself a member of the strong and steadfast Alliance? Or do you find yourself aligning more with the tough and determined Horde?

The 2013 Class Starters are part of year 7's releases, making these decks Core Constructed legal right out of the box! Each Class Starter comes with a brand new hero and 60 cards, including some old favorites! Each Class Starter comes with a Betrayal of the Guardian booster pack, and a chance for you to open up some sweet Loot!

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